Voice Biometrics Technology is booming
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Voice Biometrics Technology

Voice Biometrics technology is booming as companies look to quickly authenticate customers to reduce costs and improve the customer experience. The Australian Taxation Office has lead the charge in Australia using the technology on millions of calls per year.

new phone scam in Australia
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The facts behind the ‘hello can you hear me’ scam

Australian Police have issued a warning about the “hello, can you hear me scam” that is allegedly using the victim’s voice recording to make illegal purchases. We speak to call centre industry experts to find out if it’s actually possible or if it’s a case of fake news.

How to improve first call resolution
How to Improve the CX

How to improve First Call Resolution

Its one of the key drivers of customer satisfaction so we share some tips on how to improve first call resolution along with some help on how to measure FCR.