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Is Telstra killing off more Australian call centre jobs?

Updated 17:25, 20 October 2016 With a number of Outsourcers already heavily impacted by Telstra over the past few years (some terminally) there is news today that Telstra has recently cancelled its contract with Outsourcer Serco effective from 2017 to

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Telstra axe another 326 call centre jobs

Telstra have confirmed plans that they are axing 326 call centre jobs from their Perth and Melbourne centres. A Telstra spokesperson confirmed that the Perth call centre is being completely closed with 94 call centre jobs disappearing and in Melbourne,

Telstra Philippines call centre
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New 3,500 seat Telstra Philippines call centre opens

A new Telstra Philippines call centre has opened with 3,500 seats in Manilla. The move will continue to frustrate Telstra’s customers who are already frustrated with customer service delivered by offshore call centres. And in a double blow, its a sure sign more local call centre jobs will be lost.