4 Questions to ask before launching live chat
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4 common questions when launching live chat

We’ve got the 4 of the most common questions (and answers!) when launching live chat into your business helping you to improve the customer experience, lower costs and increase sales.

Civilian Call Takers
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Civilian Call Takers

There is a looming dispute over ACT Emergency Services call centre with the ACT union claiming civilian call takers are risking lives with plans to replace firefighters with trained call centre professionals to handle emergency calls.

Why call centres need to stop promoting the wrong people
CX Leadership

Stop promoting the wrong people!

Its something a lot of call centres are guilty of but there is a reason we need to stop promoting the wrong people – its killing your business. Often the best call centre agent is the one getting a promotion into a team leader role, but they are numerous reasons why that could be the worst choice.

4 tips for developing effective team leaders in the call centre
CX Leadership

4 Tips to developing effective Team Leaders

They perform one of the hardest jobs in the call centre so we’ve got 4 tips to developing effective Team Leaders in your business to ensure they are ready to lead you teams and balance the needs of the business whilst ensuring the staff remain engaged. No easy task!