how to drive cx values and culture in your business
CX Leadership

How to drive CX Values & Culture

Learn how to drive CX Values and culture across your business as Daniel Ord shares the lessons he learnt from running over 60 workshops for one client.

The Challenges with First Contact Resolution in contact centres
Call Centre KPIs & Metrics

First Contact Resolution

It’s a bit like a multi-vitamin that is a cure-all for everything, but there are some real challenges with first contact resolution metrics in call centres.

Training tips on dealing with difficult customers
Skills & Training

Dealing with difficult customers

We share some great advice and tips on coaching call centre agents with dealing with difficult customers including a great story you can use.


Why multi-tasking is not productive

What has Tom Cruise got to do with multi-tasking? Turns out Tom is at the very core of a lesson learnt by Daniel Ord on why multi-tasking is not productive when it comes to a call centre as agents try to juggle phone calls, emails, texts, live chat and more!

Stop karate chopping your customers
Improve the CX

Stop karate chopping your customers

Karate Chopping your customers is when you push someone to self-service without offering to help first – it’s poor form as Daniel Ord explains.

The call centre industry's dark secret

The call centre industry’s dark secret

We spill the beans on the call centre industry’s dark secret – and it’s an area we can all improve on if we are truly going to progress as an industry.

Why the AHT Metric should be extinct
Call Centre KPIs & Metrics

Why the AHT metric should be extinct

With changes to the way contact centres operate and a higher focus on quality, its about time you stop using the AHT metric for call centre agents.