Teaching team leaders to sound like a leader in your call centre
CX Leadership

Teaching Team Leaders to sound like a leader

They have one of the toughest roles in the call centre and a huge influence on the customer experience so we share some tips on how your team leaders can talk like leaders that will help improve staff engagement and link corporate objectives to the frontline team.


Why multi-tasking is not productive

What has Tom Cruise got to do with multi-tasking? Turns out Tom is at the very core of a lesson learnt by Daniel Ord on why multi-tasking is not productive when it comes to a call centre as agents try to juggle phone calls, emails, texts, live chat and more!

the truth about employee engagement in call centres
Employee Engagement

The real truth about employee engagement

The truth about employee engagement in your workplace is that it takes more than just having a staff engagement policy for it to work. But what role is responsible? More often than not its the team leader but are they equipped to improve it?