Tips for new call centre managers

Whether its a promotion from a contact centre Team Leader role or a new career challenge starting from outside of the contact centre channel, there is no question that successful call centre managers require a kaleidoscope of skills to succeed. 

And regardless of the call centre size, leadership & people management, stakeholder management, technology, analytics, forecasting and of course customer advocacy are all screaming for your attention and often all at the same time! 

Of course, nowadays contact centres aren’t just handling phone calls.

Emails, live chat, SMS and Chatbots along with some high tech including Speech Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Voice Biometrics and more are all falling under the domain of the contact centre manage along with the broader entire Customer Experience (CX) making it a critical role in any organisation. 

Luckily the host of the CX Hustle Podcast Justin Tippett and global call centre guru Daniel Ord share some tips to help you succeed.

Topics we cover include:

  • The importance of having operational mastery in Call Centres
  • The importance of Team Leaders
  • The types of skills you need to flourish 
    • Leadership
    • Influence
    • Networking
  • What type of reporting is important
  • Strategy
  • Some key questions and answers good call centre managers should be able to answer.

We are also excited to confirm that Daniel Ord will be back visiting Australia in May 2020 to conduct his popular Contact Centre Fundamentals Management course. For more details and testimonials from our 2019 class visit CX Skills

Resources mentioned in this podcast:

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