Examples of Chatbot functions

Examples of chatbot functions for customer service

Chatbot Functions

Let’s presume you’’ve read the recent four-parter introducing the messaging and chatbot revolution, and are now curious about chatbots.

You may be asking, what are the chatbot functions that could be used in my business?

Are they applicable in my industry?

How can chatbots help me?

In this post, well go into a bit of detail about the benefits of chatbots focusing in the customer service space.

Chatbots have other significant benefits for marketing but that’s a post for another day.

Chatbots are very effective in situations where the customer’s query can be resolved without a lot of back and forth.

They are also effective in resolving routine issues or guiding a customer through a multi-step process such as placing an order or booking a vacation.

Focusing on Customer service, here are a few chatbots functions and capabilities you could use.

Examples of Chatbot functions

  • Provide basic product information
  • Update customer/order details
  • Add/change/remove plans
  • Switch options or preferences
  • Turn things on/off (e.g. roaming, caller ID)
  • Get a quote for insurance or shipping (after gathering information in a conversational way)
  • Provide shipping/delivery information
  • Find a branch/location
  • Confirm loan eligibility and provide calculators
  • Take credit card applications
  • Find a policy or policy number
  • Arrange roadside assistance
  • Send car service reminders
  • Make a booking (e.g. flight, hotel, car, vacation)
  • Check-in for a flight or cruise
  • Find a service (e.g. your nearest ATM)
  • Track and trace
  • Order cinema tickets
  • Order a pizza or takeaway
  • Organise a Taxi or Uber
  • Provide information on terms and policies
  • Provide updates to the latest news stories (your topics or general)
  • Provide details on ongoing promotions, deals, discounts, and offers.
  • Update customers about company news, products, and promotions
  • Inform on the working hours of the business

Expanding on this further anywhere data can be accessed, or information asked and entered in, a chatbot can do.

For any kind of on/off (toggle), a chatbot can also complete. Their capabilities are tremendous and in some ways limited only by our imaginations.

Example of KLM chatbots used in customer service
KLM flyers are able to automatically receive their itinerary, flight updates, check-in notifications, get their boarding passes, even rebook flights when needed, and communicate with the airline all from one contextual, canonical thread.

So far we have focused on inbound query resolution, however, chatbots also have the ability to go outbound depending on the platform of choice.

Using Messenger as an example chatbots can alert customers on new beneficial services or latest discounts.



The learning chatbot

Chatbots are also great because they get smarter.

Thanks to AI and machine learning they learn from previous conversations and continue to become more and more effective.

The more knowledge and exposure it gains to customers the better it gets at servicing and exceeding their expectations.

Their conversational style, resulting uplift in efficiency and consistent quality of service bots deliver leads to improved service levels and higher customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, abandonment, workload and complaints all reduce.

Add to this the ability to truly scale like never before and the costs benefits become appealing.

The opportunity for Contact Centres to build strong relationships with their customers is significant.

There is also an opportunity to push the limits and offer unique and remarkable experiences.

All whilst reaching more customers, increasing customer experience and reducing costs!

Chatbots provide the opportunity for businesses to lead the field with an innovative edge rather than playing catch-up.

Have you chatted to a chatbot yet?

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