Improving Customer Service with SEO

Improving Customer Service with SEO

How to Improve your Customer Service with SEO

We’ve written many articles about how to improve your customer service that typical involve topics directly related to technology, agent skills,  training etc.

But with more and more customers looking for answers to their enquiries on the internet, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is becoming an increasingly important strategy for any business.

SEO consists of many components often referred to as on-page and off-page SEO, as well as code optimisation, image optimisation, backlinks and so on that all combine to ensure your keywords (what people type into Google) rank high in Google search results. 

Ensuring your website is ranking high matters as only approx 75% of users never scroll past the first page.

So if you’re trying to make it easier for customers to self-help on the internet, making your website or page rank high makes it a lot easier for customers to find you.

And once they do find your website, it’s then all about the user experience.

From contact accessibility to the user interface and safety, let’s see how you can optimise your website so well that people will rush to see your pages. 

Establish Worthy Contact Habits

When talking about traffic, ensure that your web pages are well connected.

Backlinking not only makes your site and services more accessible but constructs your search engine listing, too.

An enhanced page nowadays looks more like a web with internal and external connections. 

External links help you answer customer queries and allow you to borrow a place on a website with great traffic.

You can even get backlinks from .edu sites, for example.

They are much more trustworthy and more legitimate than the usual .com or .net sites.

The best way to obtain them is paid backlink service assistance, where you will find high-quality support.

When you link to more authoritative sites, you tell your audience (and lookup system algorithms) that your information is of high quality. 

However, this does not work unless the information you offer is relevant.

Packing a page with random keywords and links is both a poor website SEO experience and a strategy that will drop your page in SERPs.

Once again, keep your client in mind and facilitate access to proper information.

Even if this info leads the visitors to a new tab, you will always improve statistics with proper SEO and high-quality data.



Greet Your Visitors With a Great User Interface

Another key component of improving customer service with SEO is to ensure your website design is high-quality. 

Hard-to-navigate sites with broken links or bad design will not attract visitors for long. 

The bounce rate and the length of the session are two factors that affect referencing: the shorter the sessions, the lower the score.

What is one of the best ways to boost SEO?

To keep your viewers involved in your webpage and accomplish effective sustainable marketing, make their experience useful.

Ensure that your service pages are easy to access and that informative.

Attract the attention of users by integrating rich media such as pictures, infographics, and videos.

On each content page, divide the sections with useful headings and subheadings with relevant keywords to enhance the readability and classification of the key phrases.

Comprise metadata (e.g., a designation of the page that appears in the results) and internal and external links.

Four questions to ask yourself to improve your customer service with SEO

Check out the following four questions to see whether you need to increase SEO performance on your business page.

1. Can You Get What You Are Looking for in a Short Time?

If you, the owner of the company, can’t find what you are looking for on your site, what are the chances your customers can?

2. Is Your Website Design Updated?

If your site appears to collect dust, its rebound rate will show this.

And it’s not just a matter of aesthetics.

Websites that have not been updated for years may not be secure and do not load correctly on portable devices.

3. Does Your Website Have HTTPS?

HTTPS is an encrypted layer that makes online transactions much more secure than HTTP.

Otherwise, customers will not enter their credit card details or purchase products from your site.

Since 2018, Google has indicated that non-HTTPS sites are not safe, which impacts SEO accomplishment.



4. How Easily Can People Reach Out to Your Team?

Many websites now comprise chat support, either through AI or with live operators.

If clients need assistance finding what they are looking for, access to your support team can keep them on the site.

According to VBOUT, being in contact with your clients is a major benefit.

Let your audience get in touch with you through social media, and enable them to leave feedback. 

If you answered positively to all of these questions, your user interface is already great.

To make it even better, do not hesitate to survey your customers and analyze the traffic on your site.

Minimize Page Load Times

The world is based on immediate gratification nowadays, which means that people want stuff now, without delays.

Whereas 10 seconds may not seem like much, waiting for a page to load feels like an eternity.

Loading delays will increase your bounce rate and may also highlight the deeper problems on your site.

If coding is the problem, ask an experienced web developer to look through your website’s code to boost its speed and, in turn, SEO.

SEO does not only get your website in front of people, though.

It also aims to provide researchers with reliable and up-to-date information and a healthy customer experience.

So, it is worth taking into account the tips above to improve your customer service.

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