Chatbots on the increase in Australia

Chatbots are on the rise in Australia

Chatbots on the increase in Australia

The latest research by Fifth Quadrant has revealed that businesses using a chatbot as part of their overall customer experience is expected to increase from 2% to 14% in 2018. This coincides with the preference for the telephone channel finally showing signs of decline, albeit much slower than was originally forecast. Currently 71% of customer interactions are still handled over the phone and this is expected to decline to 63% in 2019.

Chatbots, and more broadly self-service, is definitely on the agenda for most businesses this year with 38% of organisations currently offering self-service with that number expected to jump to 53%.

If you don’t know your chatbot from a Virtual Assistant and would like to know more about Artificial Intelligence in CX we’ve got a category stacked full of articles that are aimed to educate and inspire, not sell. We’ve also got a great article on how AI is going to directly impact call centres along with a few tips on how to get started.

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