Is there a new alternative to Voice Biometrics?

A new alternative to voice biometrics

A new alternative to Voice Biometrics for contact centres

Would you like to shave 25% talk time off every mobile call?

That’s the claim made by St.George Bank as they introduce an alternative to Voice Biometrics technology in identifying a customer without having to speak to an agent.

The new feature ‘Connect’ draws on pre-existing authentication from the fingerprint login or four-digit password on your mobile phone meaning customers are already securely identified.

Connect eliminates the need for customers to re-identify themselves, reducing the time it takes to speak with a customer service specialist.

St.George’s General Manager for Customer Experience & Contact Centres, Jane Kittel said Connect is a fast and secure solution for customers who need contact centre support while out and about on their mobile.“

Bringing Connect to our mobile banking app means the average call centre resolution time will be reduced by 25 per cent – saving our customers almost two minutes for every call.

Not only does this put precious time back into our customers’ hands, but it also helps our call centre specialists promptly move on to their next call.”

Ms Kittel claims that close to 60 per cent of calls to the contact centre is made from a mobile so to reduce talk time by 25% on those calls is going to have a significant decrease in agent talk time allowing either increased service levels or a decrease in the number of agents required.

Once fingerprint technology is extended to home phones (yep you heard it here first!) it may signify a significant decrease in the benefits of Voice Biometrics for authentication.

I wouldn’t be selling shares in Voice Biometric companies just yet though, there are significant benefits in implementing Voice Recognition technology in your centre and I expect Voice Biometrics to continue to become more widespread in our industry.

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