SIQ opens New Zealand call centre

Melbourne based BPO SIQ opens New Zealand call centre

Call Centre Outsourcer SIQ opens New Zealand call centre

SIQ is extremely proud to announce the opening of our New Zealand Contact Centre, coming into just our 5th year of trade.

Located in the heart of Auckland’s beautiful CBD, SIQ’s Contact Centre will be housed with our friends, NZ Direct Sales experts ‘The Merchant Class’.

The centre will host SIQ’s own back-of-house and verification teams – along with Small-to-Medium opportunities for new and existing clients.

SIQ’s Managing Director, Paul Coughran announced this morning  “We’ve been listening to clients, and keeping a close eye on the Australian Market – and what we are hearing consistently are these three themes:

1. Cost. Australian businesses (including the Australian Energy sector) are under increasing cost pressure. They want to see Contact Centre options under the $40 per hour mark.
2. Brand. Our clients really DO NOT want to risk their brand with options like India, The Philippines and South Africa. Much like us, none saw New Zealand as a brand risk.
3. Scale. Small to Medium businesses are shunned by outsourcers due to their scale. We want to provide an alternative for those looking for 2 – 5 Contact Centre seats.

We’ll continue to operate from Australia with a High-Street, Flight-Centre style Retail/Contact Centre – again, to do something different.

However, we see NZ as our key opportunity to grow in a future-proof manner.”

About SIQ

SIQ is a unique outsourced direct sales & marketing business established in 2013. SIQ have an active sales team of over 100 based in Melbourne and a network of trusted partners with a ‘bricks and mortar’ presence across the Eastern Seaboard of Australia and now a contact centre in New Zealand.

Our quality-first sales approach differentiates SIQ from our competitors and has delivered an outstanding track record in terms of compliance and quality sales.

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