Key locations to install a chatbot
Technology (Advanced)

Where you should install a chatbot

Chatbots have the potential to improve your CX and save you money so this article reveals the 3 key locations you should install a chatbot.

Benefits of Chatbots in CX
Technology (Advanced)

3 Key Benefits of Chatbots in CX

There a lots of benefits of chatbots in CX delivery including reduced costs, revenue generation and more so we take a deeping look into why you need a bot.

4 Questions to ask before launching live chat
Call Centre Management Tips

4 common questions when launching live chat

We’ve got the 4 of the most common questions (and answers!) when launching live chat into your business helping you to improve the customer experience, lower costs and increase sales.

Live Chat Training Tips for your call centre
Skills & Training

Live chat training tips for your call centre

If you offer live chat from your call centre, these 13 live chat training tips will ensure your team operate efficiently and deliver great customer service.

How to increase live chat productivity in your contact centre 2019
How to Improve Performance

How to increase Live Chat Productivity

8 tips on how to increase Live Chat productivity in your contact centre and enhance the customer experience in the process.