How to STOP telemarketing calls to your home and mobile in Australia
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How to stop telemarketing calls in Australia

Like most Australians, I get annoyed by telemarketing calls. But what can be done in Australia to stop telemarketing calls and what are the rules? We reveal the truth from inside the call centre industry.

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Do Not Call Register Penalty handed out

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) continues a crackdown on companies breaching the Do Not Call Register Act, with a financial services company – Premium Financial Services – hit with a $34,000 infringement notice after telemarketing calls were made

How to get revenge at telemarketers
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How to get revenge at telemarketers

If you’ve ever wondered how to get revenge at telemarketers this story about how one USA man decided to push back is genius. Or crazy.

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Why businesses do better with telemarketing

How telemarketing can improve your business  If you asked your friends and family how they feel about telemarketing, what response do you get? Annoying and intrusive are the likely answers. Telemarketing has long held the title of the black sheep

What is cyborg telemarketing
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What is Cyborg Telemarketing?

The future has already arrived with cyborg telemarketing already in play – but just what is it? We look at the latest trend in telemarketing that uses technology to overcome language barriers to using telemarketing from cheap labour countries all at the push of a button.