3 Features your Speech Analytics platform must have

Must-have speech analytics features

Essential Speech Analytics features

The market is becoming increasingly crowded for Speech Analytics software so we reveal 3 Speech Analytics features that should be considered ‘must-haves’ on your shopping list.

If you aren’t already aware, Speech Analytics is seriously increasing in popularity as a tool for customer service departments to analyse what their customers are saying, and how agents are performing.

Imagine the power of being able to listen to thousands of calls, all at once!

Speech Analytics will give you an amazing insight into the customer experience, how your agents are performing and some market intel that can be fed back into the business to improve your product and services.

3 Key Features your Speech Analytics platform must have

I’ve outlined three of the key ‘must-haves’ in any Speech Analytics solution:

1. Accurate speech categorisation

Categorisation is the process of classifying conversations according to the topics discussed.

Categorisation is required in order to identify topics such as call reasons, agent skill usage, or customer dissatisfaction.

Once calls are classified according to all such topics, those topics can be correlated against your contact centre’s KPIs in order to understand the root causes of performance problems.

However, categorisation must be extremely accurate and comprehensive in order to provide information that is statistically reliable enough to depend upon to automatically trigger workflows to improve performance.

Most Speech Analytics technology available today begins by converting speech into text or phonemes, and information is always lost during this conversion process.

A Speech Analytics engine that directly recognises entire phrases within the audio itself, without first converting the audio into text or phonemes, is a pre-requisite for delivering precise and complete speech categorisation.

Such extremely reliable categorisation is the most important capability to look for when buying Speech Analytics because of its potential impact on the performance of your contact centre.

2. Automatic tracking of emerging trends and unexpected events

You don’t know what you don’t know.

It’’s an undeniable fact, yet Speech Analytics products powered by phonetic engines require skilled users to know exactly what to search for.

In contrast, Speech Analytics products powered by Speech-to-Text engines enable Text Analytics engines to automatically discover emerging trends and other “unknown” events within conversations.

Such “Automatic Discovery Analytics” are a must-have for a Speech Analytics solution.

3. Accurate speech-to-text translation for your calls

When all of your calls are transcribed into text, all emerging trends and unexpected events can be uncovered.

Furthermore, 100% transcription enables all search results to be returned to the end-user with context — the transcribed words that occur before and after the word or phrase being investigated can be included with all search results.

This context enables “analysis through exploration”, which is an important part of the analysis process.

In addition, being able to quickly glance through a transcript of a call instead of needing to manually listen to each call makes analysis and Quality Management processes much more efficient.

However, most Speech Analytics products powered by a Speech-to-Text engine transcribe only a fraction of calls due to scalability limitations.

When evaluating Speech Analytics software, make sure that the software can transcribe 100% of your organisation’s calls into text.

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