Announcing the Sytel AI Dialer

Sytel AI Dialer launches for outbound calling

The Sytel AI Dialer launches into the market

With immediate effect, Sytel announces the availability of the Sytel AI Dialer.

This product is built around a proprietary dialing engine, the Virtual Event Machine (VEM®) that has been optimized for producing best possible predictive dialing results under national compliance regimes globally.

The CEO of Sytel, Michael McKinlay, said “the brute machine learning required for producing optimum predictive dialing under compliance cannot be handled in any other way except using simulation techniques.

The journey to a full AI-based product has been a long one and has had some human help on the way to handle the extraordinarily difficult dialing scenarios that arise under compliance, in today’s tough outbound markets”.

“This release allows Sytel to launch two major new features, both, like the Sytel AI Dialer itself, world firsts. The first is the Dialing Protector which allows customers to generate excellent performance at abandoned call rates as low as 1%. The second is Multi-Context Dialing, which allows the Sytel AI Dialer to manage a number of different record types, such as callbacks, by running multiple simulations, without compromising performance”, McKinlay said

Commenting on the release, Fethi Madani, CEO of Cloud Control in France said “we have been using the Sytel dialer for over 15 years. It has been simply the best product out there. And we have seen it gradually develop into this AI product cementing Sytel’s leadership role in the predictive dialer market. We are very excited about this new development and will be rolling it out to some thousands of agents as soon as it is released.”

Neil Perring, CEO of Inter-act, whose experience with the Sytel Dialer goes back to the late 90s had this to say about it “The Sytel dialer has given us a strong competitive advantage in the marketplace. Its performance, reliability and adherence to compliance standards are second to none. We look forward very much to implementing the new AI product and continuing our successful relationship with the team at Sytel’

For more information on the Sytel AI Dialer see The Sytel AI Dialer is available from release 10.7 onwards of Softdial Softdial Center with immediate effect.

About Sytel: 
Sytel Limited software solutions connect and manage calls and media sessions, without boundary. Our solutions for carriers, enterprises and cloud/ hosted contact center providers deliver high-volume routing and media processing on a distributed host-based platform, and are driving inbound, outbound and blended telephony, email, SMS, chat and other media types in over 50 countries.

About Cloud Control:

Cloud Control has been the leading Cloud Contact Center player in EMEA since 2003. Cloud Control provides hosted contact services within France, the Middle East, Africa and a number of other European countries. More than 500 campaigns are managed daily, more than 1.2 billion calls handled yearly and more than 10,000 Agents connected on its Cloud Contact Center platform, which cover the full range of industries and contact center requirements. Cloud Control has offices in France, Tunisia, Morocco and Dubai.

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