5 Funny Contact Centre GIFS all agents can relate to

5 GIFS all contact centre agents will relate to

Funny Contact Centre moments we can all relate to

If you’re a contact centre agent you’d be surprised how similar other contact centres are to yours.

Sure the calls might be different, but you’ve still got to deal with customers, you’ve probably got a manager who is on your case all day and your systems are probably driving you crazy.

And despite how hard you work, there always seems to be more work coming your way.

But on the plus side, you’ve probably met some awesome colleagues who make coming to work fun!

So regardless of what call centre you work in, I’m pretty sure all contact centre agents can relate to these scenarios.

5 Funny Contact Centre GIFS 


Run to grab something to eat, have a drink, head to the toilet, finish the conversation with your colleague, whatever it is – just do it quickly!

Chances are if you are employed to work in a call centre you will be spending a lot of time on the phone.

In fact, it’s the job of the workforce management team to ensure contact centre workers spend around 85% of their entire shift talking to customers.

But of course, even they can’t accurately predict when every customer is going to call so whether it’s through good luck or planning, there are the odd times that there are zero calls waiting to be answered.

So what do you do with those precious moments?

Grab a drink, eat some food or get something off the printer – whatever it is you’ll find yourself going 100% to get it done!

We also got some ideas from other contact centre workers about how they kill the time in between calls.

Another funny contact centre moment is running fast in between calls


From identifying the customer correctly, leaving the right customer notes, entering wrap/line of business codes, using the customer’s name, focussing on your average handling time, entering customer details, operating multiple systems, using two screens and more all while trying to provide a quality customer experience its no wonder the job is exhausting!

And if your call centre is still using AHT as a KPI on you (hopefully they don’t), you might like to read why they should kill off the AHT metric or get some consultants to come in and help.

Trying to work out all the things I need to to working in a call centre




Got the winning lotto numbers?

Can you put a million dollars in my bank account?

Sure it was funny the first time you heard it but hearing it multiple times a day is enough to drive you insane!

Yet you put on that fake laugh and make the customer feel like you’ve never heard that one before.

Another funny contact centre moment when trying to laugh at customer jokes even when they are not funny


It’s our job to be nice on the phone.

After all, that’s what we get paid to do.

But that doesn’t mean we actually like you or would spend any more than a millisecond paying you any attention in the real world.

But because we take our jobs seriously, we’ll always act professionally while we are talking to you.

Once we disconnect, however…

Another funny contact centre moment pretending to be nice to a customer in the call centre even when you loath them


Whether it’s because we are all thrown in the deep end together or that we are united in dealing with the same crap every day one thing is for sure – contact centre workers meet and make some awesome friends!

You'll make some awesome friends when you work in a call centre

So there you have it – 5 funny contact centre GIFs we can all relate to!

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