The new Genesys AppFoundry has launched

Genesys AppFoundry has launched in Australia

The new Genesys AppFoundry has launched in Australia

Genesys have released a new unified AppFoundry solutions marketplace that covers all of the Genesys customer experience platforms: PureCloudTM, PureConnectTM, and PureEngageTM.

The Genesys AppFoundry was built from the ground up leveraging the same industry-leading architecture and innovation that the Genesys PureCloud solution boasts for unlimited scale and resiliency.

It offers a curated collection of the most useful customer experience applications and integrations to solve business problems and better serve your customers’ needs.

What’s inside AppFoundry Marketplace?

We offer a wide selection of free and paid applications for customers to choose from.

Our curated list of offerings is categorised by business optimisation, customer engagement and employee engagement across all of the Genesys customer experience Platforms.

Whether you’re looking for premises or cloud solutions, we have you covered.

Our goal isn’t to be the biggest marketplace—it’s to be the best and most valuable to our customers.

Solutions listed in AppFoundry are carefully selected by our Product Management and Solutions Strategy teams.

Each application or integration has been reviewed for market fit, ease of daily use for our customers, and value it brings to our customers.

AppFoundry offerings are sourced from different providers and have a range of price points—starting with free.



Welcome to the Genesys AppFoundry

  • The Genesys Community – Apps developed by customers, partners or developers and made available to the public at no cost. We encourage our customers to develop and contribute to our ecosystem of customer experience solutions!
  • AppFoundry vendor – Apps developed by customers, partners or developers and made available to the public at a cost.
  • Genesys product development – Apps developed by Genesys and made available to the public either free or at an additional cost.

The PureCloudTM Differentiator

Most of our selection of purchasable AppFoundry options, including Genesys offerings, for PureCloud may be added to a PureCloud subscription.

A common characteristic of most the integrations available in the AppFoundry is single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, which enable customers to seamlessly access them for daily use. This creates frictionless user experiences for agents and supervisors.

Offerings for PureCloud are designed to be deployed and implemented quickly.

We have worked with each vendor to optimise time-to-use—but more importantly—time-to-value!

This theme was the central driving factor to re-build our own AppFoundry from the ground up instead of continuing to use off-the-shelf software.

And it allows us to implement true click-to-install experiences.

A little something extra for PureCloud

PureCloud customers looking to try out any of our free listings are treated to a fast and easy click-to-install experience.

Genesys AppFoundry marketplace

Really—it’s that simple. Ok… You’ll be required to log in first.

Our AppFoundry is a solutions megaphone of great additions to our customer experience platforms.

Go ahead and browse our unique selection of offerings on the new AppFoundry and discover ways to start improving customer experience!

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