ATO announces call centre outsourcing contracts worth $285M

ATO announces call centre outsourcing contracts worth $285M

The ATO announces call centre outsourcing contracts injecting $285M into the economy

The ATO has just announced call centre outsourcing contracts worth $285M after a finalising their recent procurement process.

The contracts are for the period commencing 1 November 2017 through to 29 Feb 2020.

The Australian Tax Office has awarded four providers contracts to provide services including call centre, accounting, payroll and human resources.

  • Serco Global Services $124.2M
  • Datacom Connect – $76.2M
  • Stellar Asia Pacific $49.6M
  • Probe Group $35.7M

The Community and Public Services Union (CPSU) expressed concerns in their pre-budget submission about the Australian Taxation Office’s continuing increase in outsourced labour.

Call Centre outsourcing had originally started as a way to help respond to peak demand times during tax times, however, “members report that labour hire staff are now engaging in compliance and debt work … undertaking audits and other ‘core’ ATO functions.”

The future of Call Centre outsourcing in Australia continues to show signs of growth and $285M worth of contracts will certainly provide a solid foundation for the future for the companies mentioned.

Not to mention the broader contact centre industry with the flow on effects to contact centre technology & recruitment providers to name just a few.

Having lived through the joys of submitting government tenders, congratulations to the companies mentioned as no doubt plenty of hard work went into the submissions.

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