Avaya files for bankruptcy

Call Centre technology company Avaya files for bankruptcy

Contact Centre Supplier Avaya Files for Bankruptcy

It had been speculated for a while but it’s now finally happened as Avaya files for bankruptcy in the United States.

Contact Centre technology supplier Avaya has filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 of the U.S Bankruptcy Code.

In a statement released by the company, they have announced that they will continue to trade with Steve Kennedy, CEO of Avaya commenting that “filing (The Chapter 11) is a critical step in Avaya’s ongoing transformation to a successful software and services business.

Efforts to sell the contact centre business last year did not materialise and this move is to try and reduce its debt load of about $6.3billion.

According to the company statement “After extensive evaluation in consultation with its financial and legal advisors, the Avaya Board of Directors has determined that focusing on the Company’s debt structure is paramount and a sale of the Contact Center business at this time would not maximize value for Avaya’s customers and all of its stakeholders.”

With hundreds of contact centres using the Avaya platform in Australia, there is no doubt the news would be alarming.

With interest alone currently costing over $400 million a year, it’s hard to believe there are sufficient resources to continue investing in their products.

With Genesys recently purchasing Interactive Intelligence and several cloud-based providers emerging the contact centre technology market is changing quickly.

Kennedy sought to reassure customers however commenting that:

“Our business is performing well, and we are confident that we can emerge from this process stronger than ever, as this path is a reflection of our debt structure, not the strength of our operations or business model. 

The full media release can be read on the Avaya website.

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