Digital Customer Care conference 2016 – Key Learnings

Digital Customer Care Conference 2016 Key Learnings

Key Learnings from the Digital Customer Care conference

Digital Customer Care, Contact Centre and Experience Forum, Sydney March 30-31 2016.

This conference was promoted by a new player in the Contact Centre space, Clariden Global, held in Sydney last week on Wednesday and Thursday.

As one of the media sponsors,  we were lucky enough to attend the conference and we are thrilled to be able to provide you with a quick summary of the event.

The conference was chaired by contact centre legend Antoine Casgrain, who effortlessly kept the conference on track and shared some terrific insights along the way.

A key stand out for Anton with this conference was the high-quality speakers and the longer than normal speaker slots which allowed for more ‘meat on the bones’.

Another renowned speaker was Ian Aitchison from COPC.

Anyone who has seen Ian present knows he is not only insightful, but also highly amusing (and we don’t just mean his Scottish accent!).

One of the statistics from specific research he mentioned was that when enquiries enter a digital channel but find they have to transfer to a traditional channel, there is a 20% drop in customer satisfaction from those in traditional and non-traditional channels who did not transfer.

Further, 75% chose to switch channels whilst in digital channels. Yes, people still like to talk to others!

Gerard Smith from Teachers Mutual carried the theme on and gave his definition of Customer Experience as offering an end to end journey, not just one touch.

This end to end journey was touched on throughout the two days and as Anton summarised – technology should be fully integrated in order to deliver this end to end journey.

Gerard also said his one wish was that organisations made technology simple for the customer, and offered a variety of technical solutions as each person has preferences (or in the case of his Mum, a dislike of telephone banking!).

Peter Buckmaster from NSW Dept. of Education said it was important to fulfil a customer’s goals across all channels (there is that integrated approach again) and a consistent experience was essential.

And measurement was discussed at length.

One example of shifting measures was that of McQuarrie Telecom who now have a real-time wallboard showing current NPS. Bye bye AHT!

But enough of our opinion – we asked attendees what they got to take home and Neil Buder from the RAA said that while many speakers were from large organisations or were consultants, the theory applied to ALL organisations large and not so large.

The only difference was the solution needed to be tailored to meet your own budget.

Hope you enjoyed our quick recap on the Digital Customer Care Conference 2016.

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  1. hey,, sounded like an awesome event and with legend chair in the house to boot (bravo et salute!) Be keen to hear and learn more about Organisations Digital journey + customers experience,, Thanks for sharing in advance đŸ™‚ victor

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