livepro joins Genesys AppFoundry

livepro joins Genesys AppFoundry

Knowledge Management Supplier livepro joins Genesys AppFoundry

livepro Customer Experience Knowledge Management combines with Genesys Customer Experience Platform to increase customer delight, staff engagement, compliance, insights and sales — all while reducing costs.

livepro has announced that livepro Customer Experience Knowledge Management is now available on Genesys® AppFoundry, a dedicated customer experience marketplace.

Genesys AppFoundry connects businesses to the industry’s highest calibre of cloud and on-premises customer experience solutions in one comprehensive marketplace.

The new AppFoundry gives all Genesys customers one interface to explore its ecosystem of pre-built integrations for the entire Genesys portfolio, including PureEngage®, PureConnect® and PureCloud.

livepro are experts in Customer Experience Knowledge Management and have provided their feature-rich yet easy to use solution to customer service in all major industries since 2001.

livepro focuses on delivering answers to agents – not long complex documents.

This is made possible by livepro’s powerful features like search and automatic knowledge population through IVR selections and webchat keywords.

livepro requires next to no training and turns your agents into experts meaning staff confidence and customer satisfaction go up while AHT and training costs are cut down.

As the one central source of truth, livepro delivers knowledge to any digital channel through a simple API – meaning the same information is being accessed no matter where the question is asked.

“With livepro now available on AppFoundry, there’s never been a better time to be a customer or customer experience professional. Contact Center staff gain the confidence to answer any question with minimal training and customers feel as though they’ve chatted to an expert every time.

It’s a win-win for the organization and customer,” said Brad Shaw, CEO at livepro.

“The difference with livepro is that we have done all of the hard work for the clients. We are proud to say that our solution boasts simple configurable options that can simply be switched on or off to suit the clients’ requirements with no need for IT” said Luke Szanto, the Integration Lead on the livepro PureCloud project.

The livepro integration is now available with Genesys PureCloud: a unified, all-in-one customer engagement and employee collaboration platform that is easy to use and quick to deploy.

A true cloud offering, PureCloud is flexible, open, feature-rich, and built for rapid innovation.

“livepro are looking forward to working alongside Genesys and we will be demonstrating our integration at the upcoming Genesys Day Perth, CX18 Nashville as well as G-Summit in both Wellington & Melbourne later on in the year,” said Les Reid, Head of Global Sales at livepro.

To learn more about the specific features and benefits of livepro, visit livepro’s listing on the Genesys PureCloud AppFoundry:

About livepro

livepro are experts in Customer Experience Knowledge Management and are passionate about improving customer experience. Since 2001 livepro have been delivering a powerful knowledge management solution to customer service centres in all major industries including Banking and Finance, Airlines, Insurance, Education, Health and Government.

livepro is feature-rich yet easy to use, delivering answers to agents – not long complex documents to dig through. This makes customer service quicker, easier and more efficient. Staff require next to no training on complex procedures thanks to livepro’s intuitive design, which brings confidence up and training costs down.

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