Triple Zero Heroes who work in the call centre
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Triple Zero Heroes

Every day, over 7,000 Victorians have to make a phone call to the Triple Zero contact centre and in this article, we get to meet some of the people who answer the calls – real-life Triple Zero Heroes!

Tips on how to manage angry customers
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How to manage angry customers

If you work in a call centre or customer service these expert tips will help you to manage angry customers and get the conversation back on track.

the future of call centre outsourcers in Australia
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The future of call centre outsourcers in Australia

With another closure of an Australian BPO recently we asked senior call centre BPO industry leaders what is the future of call centre outsourcing in Australia? The honest and frank assessment provides some good insight into how the BPO industry is evolving to remain relevant and competitive.

The false economy of customer retention

The false economy of Customer Retention

Customer Retention is a tactic widely used by companies across the globe but is it just a false economy that actually creates disloyalty with customers?

Why are Australian call centres moving offshore

Why are Australian call centres moving offshore

Being greeted by someone in an offshore call centre is becoming increasingly common so we explore why Australian call centres are going offshore. And with nine out of ten customers preferring a local call centre is it a risky move for any business?

Why the AHT Metric should be extinct
Call Centre KPIs & Metrics

Why the AHT metric should be extinct

With changes to the way contact centres operate and a higher focus on quality, its about time you stop using the AHT metric for call centre agents.