Delacon launches speech analytics platform

Delacon speech analytics platform for contact centres

Delacon launches speech analytics platform for contact centres

Sydney, 15 March Marketers can now effectively ‘listen’ to every phone conversation made to their call centres and get critical information from customers to better optimise marketing campaigns and sales with the launch today of Delacon’s speech analytics platform.

While call analytics have accurately measured and attributed which marketing channel a customer has connected to the business or brand for some time, analysis of what is being said during calls has not previously been possible at scale.

Through real-time analysis of telephone conversations, Delacon’s Speech Analytics Module (SAM) now means marketers can categorise every call they receive, be it sales, support, billing or complaint. In addition, specific keywords and phrases can be monitored to improve customer experience, marketing campaigns, sales conversion and staff training.

Speech analytics scans for frequent keywords which can then be used by brands and agencies in SEO and SEM campaigns; campaigns that delivered ‘good’ calls can be quickly identified enabling marketers to optimise them further and category analysis gives a greater understanding of the type and volume of calls being received without having to physically listen to every call.

Delacon can integrate call and speech analytics data with leading marketing technology platforms such as Google Analytics, Salesforce and DOMO and works with partners including Medibank, Red Energy and enterprise-level telcos, finance and education businesses.

Michael Center, CEO of Delacon said: “The global call commerce market is worth US$1 trillion and 65% of businesses consider phone calls as their highest quality lead source, so it’s clear that inbound customer calls are still as important and relevant as ever.

“While we have been able to effectively attribute which marketing channel has triggered a customer call, Australian advertisers and agencies have until now, not been able to analyse what’s being said in that call. Multiply that by hundreds or thousands of calls received each day and that’s critical consumer data being missed which can be used to optimise the customer experience, marketing campaigns, sales and staff training.”

About Delacon

Delacon is a leading global provider of a feature-rich call analytics platform that helps leading Brands and Digital Agencies optimise marketing ROI and grow revenues through the sophisticated integration of voice call capabilities into online and offline sales. With call analytics, you can accurately measure and attribute every phone call to its marketing channel, optimise marketing campaigns and increase sales performance.

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