How to reduce customer churn
How to Improve the CX

How to reduce Customer Churn

Its hard enough to win new customers so we’ve got one simple tip to help you reduce customer churn and keep your business growing in the right direction.

Why the phone channel is still so popular
How to Improve the CX

Is the phone channel still the most popular?

Despite countless ways to now contact a business through social media, email, SMS and more we examine if phone is still the most popular channel for customers to use. You might be surprised by the answer.

The future of CX and six facts you must know
CX Executive Tips

6 facts about the future of CX

After spending an evening with the world famous Don Peppers talking about the future of CX, there are 6 indisputable facts every CX manager should know.

The evolution of callback technology
How to Improve the CX

The evolution of CallBack technology

The evolution of callback technology has been continually progressing and now another option has emerged that may just help reduce your call volumes.