Using Failure Demand theory in your call centre
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Failure Demand | The curse of the modern day contact centre?

If your volume of inbound contacts are increasing and your budgets are shrinking its inevitable you will end up with long wait times and frustrated customers. Find out why managing Failure Demand is one of the greatest levers for improving performance for your call centre.

Call Centre agents working from home
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More Australian call centre agents working from home than ever before

A new survey released by SMAART recruitment has revealed more Australian call centre agents are working from home than ever before as contact centre technology improves to the point its a replica of working in a traditional call centre with all the comforts of home and no commuting time.

Is Artificial Intelligence really needed to improve the Customer Experience?
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Is Artificial Intelligence really needed for CX improvement?

Do you really need Artificial Intelligence for CX transformation? It seems to occupy every other article on customer experience and contact centres. I was reading one today and one quote said customers only ring their contact centre as a last